Let Us Help You With Your Legacy.

Wanting to sell your business but don’t have family to pass it on to? If you have a strong management team in place without the capacity to buy, we can help.

OBASA Capital can bridge that gap to grow your legacy, while offering an opportunity for your corporate family to continue to build your business. Contact our team to learn how OBASA Capital can help you retire with the confidence that your legacy will live on.


Portfolio of Companies.

The OBASA Group is a portfolio of companies built from the ground up, starting with commercial and residential properties across North America. Through OBASA Capital, our portfolio continues to grow, identifying strategic acquisitions of existing operating companies with a history of growth, honest and able management, and a plan for sustainability. Access our portfolio to learn what organizations our team has helped succeed across the country, and around the globe. 


Find out how Obasa Capital can work for you.

OBASA Capital is an acquisition company that is attracted to opportunities where the owner is ready to divest or retire and is in need of assistance to ensure their legacy lives on.


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